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At Green Harvest, we feel that these uncertain times have led us toward aiding low-income families, retirees, and the workers of our community who have recently lost their jobs. We believe that there is a serious problem today when parents must decide between feeding, providing shelter, or buying medicine for their children.




Please Help With Holiday Baskets

Dear Friends,                                                                                    
Although every day is a struggle for our people facing hunger, the holidays can be a particularly stressful time. As their neighbors, co-workers and friends prepare for a celebration with family that includes a traditional meal, extra treats and gifts, they wonder if they will have enough food to keep their families from going to bed hungry.  Together, we have an opportunity to take away the worry of where their Thanksgiving, Christmas or other holiday meal will come from.
Through our partnership with the Northern Illinois Food Bank, we can obtain Holiday Meal Boxes. Each box contains everything needed to make a traditional holiday meal for a family of eight, including a 12-14 pound turkey, vegetables, fruit, potatoes, gravy, stuffing, dessert and other goodies.
To purchase the ingredients in the store would cost over $60.* Through our affiliation with the Northern Illinois Food Bank, you can help us provide a Holiday Food Basket to a family for just a $20 donation – that’s the equivalent of just over $2 per person for a full turkey dinner!
Our food pantry serves up to 125 families every month and we are always seeing new faces of people that are facing a crisis caused by the economy, unemployment, under-employment, an unexpected medical or car bill or additional family members living with them
Last year we distributed 300 Holiday Food Baskets to our food pantry visitors; this year we would like to distribute at least 300 boxes.
Can you help us make the holidays a little brighter for these families by making a donation for Holiday Meal Boxes? Please click on the link below to help us. 






Special Thanks to Our Partners

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Can you live on $22 a week?  That is the challenge many of our clients face each day.

Click here to find out how you can help meet the needs of the working poor.

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