At Green Harvest, we feel that these uncertain times have led us toward aiding low-income families, retirees, and the workers of our community who have recently lost their jobs. We believe that there is a serious problem today when parents must decide between feeding, providing shelter, or buying medicine for their children.

Make a Difference
It Takes A Ton!

It takes about 4 tons (8000 - 12000 lbs) of food and a lot of volunteers each month to feed our clients and their families.

Did you know for $400 you could purchase a ton of food?

Because of our partnership with Northern Illinois Food Bank in Geneva, Illinois, we are able to purchase over 45% of the food and personal hygiene items we need each month.

Would you consider purchasing a ton of food? Maybe your small group, church, school or even your office would like to help us reach our goal of 72 tons of food by the end of 2018?

Call 630-416-1109 or email us.

You can also make a cash donation by clicking here.



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